Vehicle Program Policy

Vehicle Program Policy

The WIN Home Inspection Vehicle Program is a material component of the WIN Home Inspection brand. Branding is an integral part of the WIN System, and an important contributor to the growth of your WIN business. As such, adherence to the Program is of utmost importance. The clean and simple WIN graphics on a white vehicle have proven to be a solid foundation for the WIN Brand image. As vehicle types, trends and designs change, the simplicity and timeless design of our graphics enable their application to a broad array of vehicle types, while protecting our core image.

Our WIN Home Inspection Vehicle Program focuses on protecting Brand image, and at the same time addresses three values we know to be important in today’s business culture:

Our vehicle program is designed to portray a humble, professional, and efficient image, while avoiding a “contractor” look.

We are committed to serving the business needs of our Strategic-Partners in a manner that aligns with your personal preferences wherever possible. While we will not subordinate business value of the WIN Brand for the sake of personal preferences, we are committed to making a good faith effort to achieve business needs along with personal use preferences where possible.

3. As the only national home inspection franchisor with a complete vehicle program, we are a step above the competition. WIN understands having the proper vehicle with a professional graphic package is an important part of our brand identity, and a competitive marketing advantage. Vehicle branding helps awareness, professionalism, and differentiation from your competitors.


1.Required Parameters

Check with the WIN Approved Decal Vendor to ensure that the make, model and year of the prospective vehicle to be acquired will qualify and meets the following criteria:

1.Able to fit the WIN Approved Decal Package, or able to fit the WIN Approved Decal Package with WIN brand approved modifications (i.e., resized side window decals). NOTE: All necessary decal modification costs will be the responsibility of the franchisee. Vehicles with excessive bumper trim, side body cladding, or irregular shaped surface areas should be avoided to reduce decal modification costs and help ensure WIN brand approval.

2. Solid white body color. NOTE: An off color vehicle can be wrapped in white body color using approved vehicle wrap. All necessary color modification costs will be the responsibility of the franchisee.

3. 4 door

4. If you are not purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, used vehicles cannot be more than 3 model years old. NOTE: All WIN vehicles must be replaced after 6 model years as defined by the manufacturer. .

5. Minivan, Crossover or SUV categories

6. Be large enough to accommodate all needed inspection supplies and equipment in a professional and efficient manner

7. Email pictures of your newly decaled WIN vehicle (front, rear, both sides) to the WIN Home Office Franchise Administration Manager within 10 days of completed graphic application.

2.Disallowed Parameters

1. Truck (pickup or otherwise)

2. Exterior parts that interfere with the branding (i.e. exterior mounted spare tires)

3. Customization components, including but not limited to lift kits, aftermarket exhaust systems, ground effect lights, and oversized wheels and tires

4. Two tone paint

5. Oversized, cannot be greater than 205” total length (check the specs before you buy)

6. Undersized, cannot be less than 174” total length (check the specs before you buy)

3.Recommended Considerations

1. Cost

2. Fuel economy

3. Does the vehicle make and model have a good maintenance track record and warranty?

4. Will the vehicle work for all inspection, business storage, and transporting needs?

5. Will the vehicle be used for more than just business?

4.Select Unapproved Makes/Models

The following list is subject to change. Always verify your prospective vehicle choice against the entire vehicle program and specifically against this list of Select Unapproved Makes/Models. If you are in doubt in any way, please check with your Business Consultant in advance of making a vehicle acquisition commitment.

1. Toyota FJ Cruiser
2. All High end luxury type crossovers: i.e. Cadillac, Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Infinity, Acura, Porsche, Lincoln.

Marketing Vehicle Policy

As your WIN Business grows: We have found that as businesses mature their needs may change in the business as well as wanted the business to be a part of their lives. We have had input over the last few years where some of our franchisees have asked about the possibility of having a WIN Branded Marketing Vehicle (WINBMV). We see this as a step forward in two possible ways. One where the use of the vehicle may be strictly for marketing purposes and the other where a new family vehicle might be branded to simply provide an avenue for more impressions or both.
We wanted to make this policy as simple as possible and pretty broad in the application. Making sure the vehicle fits in with your needs it the most important parameter along with a few must haves.

Must haves:

1. Hatchback (5 door) or flat back vehicle (sedans are very hard to make an impression with no surface area)

2. Decaled to mimic The WIN Inspection Service Vehicle (WINISV)

3. White

4. Moderately level vehicle (not a Mercedes or Cadillac, etc.)

5. If acquiring used less than 3 years old

6. Service life of 7 Model years maximum

WIN Approved Graphics

We have one approved vehicle graphics provider. The graphics can be obtained through the Fetch Graphics dashboard available here:

WIN Vehicle Acquisition Program

WIN also has a current Vendor-Partner that can take the guesswork out of getting a new vehicle.

Fleet Leasing & Management Program for our current and future WIN Home Inspection Strategic-Partners! This partnership with the Leasing & Fleet Management division of The Bancorp offers us best-in-class service in fulfilling the vehicle requirements our system demands. A portion of the Fleet division’s scope of business includes:          

           – Vehicle acquisition/procurement        
           – Flexible funding options for vehicles and equipment with no upfront out-of-pocket costs
           – Option to include the WIN Startup Package and/or WIN Marketing Package in the lease
           – No mileage restrictions or chargeable damages
           – Ability to include WIN-approved vehicle aftermarket and WIN-approved graphics into monthly payment
          – Vehicle disposal services to assist in maximizing resale value

In addition, their turn-key program offers vehicles that are “ready to work” to increase efficiency when growing, cycling, and operating our fleet. The Bancorp can assist in the entire process, including the coordination of your vehicle graphics package and other desired aftermarket equipment if applicable. As one of the few bank-owned fleet leasing companies in the country, The Bancorp’s flexible funding terms meet the needs of a wide range of Strategic-Partners. They’ll offer competitive terms to help our current owners succeed, as well as help support our new owners as we grow the WIN brand. Please contact Michael Combs directly for more information on this great new program. Michael can be reached at (407) 489-8507 or at . We look forward to a valuable WIN-WIN-WIN business relationship with our national partners at The Bancorp!